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Botanical/Foliage Brocade Chenille Classic/Frames
Contemporary Damask Diamond Dots
Ethnic Flamestitch Florals Geometric
Jacobean Matelasse Novelties Paisley
Panel (Stripe) Plain/Textures Skins Southwest
Stripes Tapestry Traditional Transitional
Color Class
White-Ivory Beige Yellow Gold
Orange Peach-Rust Red Pink
Lavender-Purple Blue Teal Green
Brown Gray-Black Multi
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09C01 Color Series Lake/Grotto/Prussian 09C02 Color Series Fern/Peridot/Bamboo
09C03 Color Series Gild/Amber/Sunset 09C04 Color Series Ember/Garnet/Russet
09C05 Color Series Husk/Dune/Ivory 09C06 Color Series Onyx/Mink/Topaz
1069 The New Traditional Vol. III 10C01 Naturally Inspired Dark Neutral Textures
10C02 Color Series 10CL01 Traditional
10CL02 Contemporary 10CL03 Dark Neutrals
10CL04 Light Neutral 10CL05 Signature Red
10CL06 Signature Blue 10CL07 Signature Green
10CL08 Signature Yellow 10CL09 Naturally Inspire
1113 Style Solutions IV 11C01 Natural Chair Scal
11C02 Warm Chairscales 11C03 Small Chairscales
11C04 Color Series Text 11C05 Color Series Text
11C06 Color Series Text 11C07 Color Series Text
11C08 Color Series Text 1207 Preferred Vol 12
1213 Value Portfolio 12C01 Performance Plush
12C02 Perf Fab Sm Scale 12CL01 Color Series Red
12CL02 Color Series Blue 12CL03 Color Series Gree
12CL04 Color Series Dk N 12CL05 Color Series Lt N
12CL06 Performance Plus 13C01 Bodies Neutral
13C02 Solids Fresh 13C03 Solids
13C04 Red Order 13C05 Famliv Text Black/Brown
13CL01 Warm Color Series 13CL02 Multi Purpose Neutral
13CL03 Point Of VIew Blue And Green 13CL04 Family Living Neutral Patterns
13CL05 Blue 13CL06 Red Purple
13CL07 Black Brown 1413 Value Portfolio Vol II
14C01 Casual Living Plus 14C02 Casual Living Multi-Color Textures
14C04 Col Ser Text Red 14C05 Col Ser Tex Grn/Yl
14C06 Col Ser Blue Purp 14C07 Col Ser Dk Neutrl
14C08 Col Ser Lt Neutrl 14CL03 Causal Living Pat
14CL09 Damasks 1569 Transitional Trends Vol 1
15C05 Neutrals 15C06 Warm Neutrals
15CL01 Design Collection 15CL02 Design Collection Green And Yellow
15CL03 Hot Colors Wtrfl 15CL04 Performance Fab
15CL07 Design Collection Gray And Black 15CL08 Design Collection Neutral
15CL09 Design Collection Indigo 16C02 Velvet
16C03 Skins 16C04 Textures Cool
16C05 Textures Warm 16C06 Textures Neutral
16C07 Geometric Blue Gre 16C08 Geometric Neutrals
16C09 Geometric Warm 16CL01 Ikat
16Cl10 Design Collection Warm Colors 16Cl11 Design Collection Cool Colors
16Cl12 Design Collection Neutral Colors 1707 Flatmount
17C04 Light Neutrals 17C05 Dark Neutrals Text
17C06 Blue Green Textures 17C07 Red And Orange Textures
17CL01 Traditional 17CL02 Transitional
17CL03 Contemporary 17CL08 Geometrics
17CL09 Geometrics Neutrals 17Cl10 Geometrics Warm
1869 New Traditions 18C01 Bulky Chennilles
18C02 Relax Living Texture 18C03 Essential Neutral Text
18C04 Essential Neutral Text 18C08 Brelaxed Performance Textures
18C09 Brelaxed Performance Velvets 18C10 Uptown Textures
18CL05 Blues Multi Purpose 18CL06 Grays Multi Purpose
18CL07 Neutrals Multi Purpose 2713 Style Solutions
2732 Modern Living 2769 The New Traditional
2807 Preferred Portfolio X 2813 Style Solutions Vol. II
2869 The New Traditional Vol. II 2872 Textures & More Vol. III
2907 Preferred Portfolio XI 2913 Style Solutions Vol. III
Merrimac Woven Gallery 15 Gallery Of Wovens By Barrow